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Christopher Kent and Gamal Khamis return with the sequel to Never Such Innocence, their acclaimed narrative recital of words and music from the First World War (described by BBC Radio 3 as “incredibly moving”).


ODYSSEY tells the story of the aftermath of war, with the legend of Odysseus’s epic journey home from Troy to Ithaca interwoven with themes of journey, diaspora and migration explored through words and music, including specially commissioned works by six award-winning contemporary poets and composers. Their work is set alongside Homer’s original words in Emily Wilson’s acclaimed new translation, as well as works by Shakespeare, Bach, Debussy, and Clara Schumann to create another absorbing, moving and richly rewarding evening.


Performers: Christopher Kent and Gamal Khamis

Poets: Vahni Capildeo, Yousif M Qasmiyeh, JL Williams

Composers: Amy Bryce, Daniel Kidane, George Stevenson

Dramaturg: Terry O’Connor   Consultant: Tony Palmer



Praise for Odyssey:

 “Such an inspiring and relevant show.”

“An incredibly moving performance.”

“What an amazing experience. So powerful, so hard hitting and so relevant.”

“What an inspiring and moving evening. So right for these times. Definitely food for the mind and the soul”

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